Friday, July 18, 2014

PMDG Releses 777-300ER and SP1

The very talented folks and PMDG have outdone themselves yet again by bringing another magnificent product to market. Their 777 line is one of their most detailed and prototypical products to date and their newest release; the Boeing 777-300ER reflects just that. PMDG focuses heavily on the systems side of things when making their products as well as including a visually appealing aircraft and virtual cockpit to form a top notch product. In order to utilize the 777-300ER you must install Service Pack 1 (SP1)

Some Features to look for in SP1
  • WX Radar*
  • Data Uplink/Downlink system
  • Reworked Fly-By-Wire System
  • Optional Performance Enhancing Soundpack
  • Optional 5.1 Surround Sound Sound Pack
  • Taxi Camera (-300ER only)

*WX Radar only works with active sky next at this time

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